The Data Plan for You.

A popular choice among people of every generation, smartphones allow you to communicate via phone calls and text messages. They also offer many other possibilities for connection and entertainment. You can utilize navigation services, play games, search the internet, and so much more. These activities require data, and everyone uses that data differently. To find ... Read more

Yes, you should update your phone. Here’s why.

Technology. Love it or hate it, it’s changing quickly. Your cell phone is no exception. You should regularly upgrade or update your phone. Here’s why. Update or upgrade? That is the question. Every phone runs on an operating system, which manages hardware, software, and apps. These unique operating systems are important. Phone manufacturers regularly update ... Read more

Facts about 5G

5G coverage is all the rage. If you don’t spend your day to day researching up-and-coming cell phone technologies, you may wonder exactly what it is. Our customer service team is happy to answer questions about this new wireless technology, but we thought you might want to have this resource at your fingertips. Here, we ... Read more

Your SIM Card 101

At PureTalk, we don’t expect you to be the expert on all things cell phone. That’s our job, but we do want you to be an educated consumer, so you can make informed decisions. Your SIM Card is a simple but important piece of your cell phone. Read on for a brief, but thorough SIM ... Read more

Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone Battery

Why is my cell phone battery draining so fast? It seems we have all wondered about our cell phone battery life and whether there are things to do to make the battery last longer. As technology changes, advice changes on how to best extend your mobile phone’s battery, so we at Pure Talk have compiled ... Read more