Yes, you should update your phone. Here’s why.

Technology. Love it or hate it, it’s changing quickly. Your cell phone is no exception. You should regularly upgrade or update your phone. Here’s why.

Update or upgrade? That is the question.

Every phone runs on an operating system, which manages hardware, software, and apps. These unique operating systems are important.

Phone manufacturers regularly update operating systems. Those updates fix bugs and improve how your device operates. Not all updates are created equal. Large updates may change the layout or appearance of your screen. Smaller updates may help improve battery life or improve your app experiences.

When an operating system update is available, you should do it. Not only are older operating systems more likely to freeze or crash, they also offer less personal security, functionality, and sometimes aren’t even able to utilize the latest cellular technology.

Security & Privacy

Online security is a hot topic these days. Our devices contain a plethora of personal information, from our contacts to our credit card numbers, nearly everything can be found at the tip of your fingers.

Scammers and hackers are smart and looking to take advantage of security gaps. As they learn the ins and outs of cell phone technology, that technology is forced to evolve.

Did you know that your phone has built-in security? Android and Apple regularly update their operating systems to stay one step ahead of security threats. Older phones, however, don’t receive that same level of support. Over time, newer phones get priority and older phones become less secure. Which means they’re an easier target for those looking to gain from security failures.

If your phone is no longer supported with security updates, it’s time to upgrade your phone.


Are you having trouble performing basic phone functions like emailing, calling, texting, or using your apps? We touched on functionality when it comes to operating systems, but there’s much more to it.


As operating systems change, app developers create apps that work with newer operating systems. If your apps aren’t working on your current device, it’s time to update your phone to the newest operating system. If you can’t do that, it’s time to upgrade your phone.

Slow Motion

Do you get frustrated performing everyday functions on your phone? Newer technology features faster processors. Faster processors mean more power. More power means better functionality.

If your phone is slow, it might be time for a new device.

Cellular technology

We keep talking about changing technology, the reason is to keep your usage at its best performance. The reality is that in order to utilize the faster, newer technology, you’ll need a faster, newer device.

The biggest recent change to cellular technology comes in the form of 5G. (Want to know more about 5G? Click here. [LINK TO FACTS ABOUT 5G BLOG]) Over the past several years, wireless has progressed. Many phones are optimized for 3G, which will soon be unsupported. If your device is optimized for 3G, 4G or even 4G LTE, it might be time to consider a newer phone.

How do I know it’s time to retire my device?

Having the latest technology is more than having the newest device. If you’re unable to update your operating system, it’s time to upgrade your device. There are other reasons to upgrade, of course, but if you’re unable to support the most up-to-date operating system, that time is now.

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