Facts about 5G

5G coverage is all the rage. If you don’t spend your day to day researching up-and-coming cell phone technologies, you may wonder exactly what it is. Our customer service team is happy to answer questions about this new wireless technology, but we thought you might want to have this resource at your fingertips. Here, we answer some questions and share facts about 5G coverage.

What is 5G?

5G is the newest generation of wireless technology. Over the years, we’ve seen several generations of wireless technology. With each new generation comes improvements. 4G is the most recent technology, which gave us access to video chat, live streaming, and so much more. 5G will also offer a plethora of improvements, such as faster connections, improved responsiveness, and the ability to connect multiple devices more easily, among other things.

PureTalk now offers 5G coverage on capable devices. 5G availability, coverage, and speed may vary. Learn more about where you can get 5G coverage.

Facts about 5G

Does 5G cost more?

5G coverage doesn’t cost more, and it’s available with any PureTalk plan. That said, not every device is 5G compatible. Find out if your device is 5G compatible.

Do I need a new phone to use 5G?

Maybe. Older phones are less likely to be 5G compatible, and old technology cannot be “upgraded” to allow the new technology to work. Your device might be 5G compatible. Find out here.

Is 5G only for phones?

5G will provide better, faster cell communication. But it’s so much more. 5G is also available for home internet and will greatly improve efficiencies for compatible devices…and it allows for more devices to be connected to a central hub without compromising connection speed.

Is 5G safe?

The short answer is yes, 5G is safe.

The long answer is that there’s been a big misunderstanding. Read this article from the New York Times to get all the details. 5G offers many benefits to users around the globe. What other questions do you have about this new, exciting technology?


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