Choosing a Cell Phone That Fits Your Lifestyle

Choosing a Cell Phone That Fits Your Lifestyle

Choosing a Cell Phone that fits your lifestyle is important. Have you ever rushed to the office only to realize your phone is still at home? If you immediately panic and rush home to grab your phone, you may be a “Game Changer.” (Some might say a Work Horse!)

Maybe you purely use your phone for talking and do not need the fancy bells and whistles of a smartphone. And during the COVID19 pandemic, many consumers have increased their cell phone usage – keeping in touch with friends and family through regular or video chat, texting, communicating on social media and playing games and streaming videos and movies while staying at home.

In some ways, a cell phone acts as an extension of you. When choosing a cell phone, it’s important to choose one that fits your lifestyle.

To help you choose the right cell phone for you, we at Pure TalkUSA have nailed down five different lifestyles. Read about what description fits you best and what functionality to look for in a cell phone.

The Talker

Do you use your mobile phone only as a device for talking? If so, you need a device that is fit for a talker. Most likely, you don’t have the need for a sleek-looking phone with tons of apps and hi-tech features. Instead, you need a device that will carry you through long conversations.

In that case, look for a phone that will make clear calls, has a good speakerphone (if you like to multitask!), and has a long battery life.

The Social Butterfly

The social butterfly doesn’t just talk and text. This person typically loves to be on social media, sharing and interacting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and other apps. Using FaceTime, Skype, What’s App or other programs is second nature for this extrovert who loves staying connected with friends and family.

You should look for a device that has a good camera so you can capture memories with friends and family and a good touchscreen to make messaging and chatting easy.

Think about are how many GBs of storage space you may use. All those apps, photos and videos take up storage space.
As for plans, you will most likely want an unlimited data plan or one with a high level of GBs.
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The Game Player

Do you prefer to use your phone for entertainment? Then you need a device that is fit for all of those games and apps!

For the complete gaming experience, make sure the screen is large enough to show off those hi-resolution graphics and the processor can give you plenty of power. A good battery life doesn’t hurt either.

Many businesspeople use their smartphones like a mini laptop these days, so be sure to choose a phone that will allow for your business needs.

The Game Changer

Do you use your phone as an extension of your work computer? If so, you need a phone designed for the business world.

Pick a device that has email functionality and plenty of storage space for your saved messages, drafts, and even for apps that can help keep you organized. You will want to make sure your device includes a great calendar (or download a calendar app), and that it can support a plan with plenty of minutes and texts.

A good speakerphone may also be on your wish list for conference calls while on the road. Just make sure calls are nice and clear and you can be heard on the other end.

The Technology Avoider

For those who prefer to avoid technology but still need a phone for emergencies, a simple flip phone or keyboard style phone will suffice. Choose a phone that is small enough to fit in your pocket, with easy to use buttons and a simple black design.
Pure TalkUSA pick: Nokia 6300

In summary, when choosing a phone to fit your lifestyle, your device should fit your own needs, whether those are talking, texting, gaming, or working.

No matter your preferences, remember when choosing a cell phone, there’s a perfect phone out there for you. Take a look at all the phones we have to offer and find your perfect fit.


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