How to connect your smartphone to WiFi [VIDEO]


free-wifi-1Were you aware that data that is transferred over a WiFi connection doesn’t count toward any data usage allowance that may be associated with your Pure TalkUSA cell phone plan?

Connecting your smartphone to a WiFi network is the undeniable best way to save money on your cell phone bill, while still being able to take advantage of all of the bells, whistles, and streaming media apps that your handset can accommodate.

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using WiFi on your cell phone or smartphone… Continue reading

Snapseed App: Best Mobile Photo App 2012 (Android & iOS)


snapseedAre you an Instagram fanatic? If so, then this is for you. Snapseed will let you enhance, transform, and share your photos with ease using incredibly advanced features from the leader in digital photography software. Snapseed won the Technical Image Press Association’s (TIPA) award for Best Mobile Photo App in 2012. Continue reading

Why you should think twice about getting cell phone insurance


broken-cell-phoneMany cell phone owners have trouble keeping their phones safe. They’re easy to drop on the ground, fall into water, and nowadays, are very attractive to thiefs.

Is it smart to insure your phone? That depends.

According to a University of Minnesota finance professor, Andy Whitman, probably not. Continue reading

The dirty little secret of the cell phone industry



Pssst — come here! We’ve got a dirty little secret to tell you that many cell phone service providers don’t want you to figure out.

But first, imagine this scenario…

You’ve found a great deal online for a new, unlocked smartphone. It’s the perfect device for you to check and respond to emails, maybe upload a few pictures here and there to Facebook, or even even fire off a few Tweets if that’s your thing. All you need now is a no contract cell phone plan with data. Continue reading

RunPee App: Because Movie Theaters Don’t Have Pause Buttons (Android & iOS)


runpeeMovie fanatics (particularly ones with kids) will LOVE this app! It tells you the best times to take a bathroom break at the movies. Just choose your movie and leave your phone on vibrate, and the app will vibrate to alert you of the best “pee-time.” When you get back, it will summarize what happened while you were gone. We usually only post free apps, but this one is so cool that we had to include it. The current price is only 99 cents. Continue reading

GymPact App: Never Miss Another Workout (Android & iOS)


gym-pactSummer is approaching and many of you will be hitting in gym. Well, we all know that it’s easy to get lazy and skip workouts, but when your own money on the line, you might be more inclined to get up off of the couch and grab your gym bag. When you download this app and check in at the gym with it, you get to keep money that you put up, while those who miss their scheduled work out lose a predetermined chunk of change. Continue reading