The 411 On Texting Lingo


Ah, texting—Millennials’ natural way of communication and English teachers’ arch nemesis.

Mobile phones provide us with several easy ways to communicate, but perhaps the simplest method of all is the text message. Quick, short and convenient, texting is often the preferred method of communication for several mobile phone users.

The best part? Texting abbreviations of course. As if texting wasn’t quick enough, mobile junkies have now created some lingo to save you even more time when constructing a message

But what do these terms & abbreviations really mean? We’ve decoded 20 of the most common texting abbreviations. Are you text savvy? Read on to find out!

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Could You Survive a World Without Cell Phones?


Hey Cell Phone Junkies and Mobile Internet Addicts!

Today, we’re imagining a time you probably can’t comprehend… a time before cell phones.

Nowadays, us technology folk are all about these devices and their mobile Internet capabilities—even seniors are savvy cell users! So we took a minute to think back on life without our right-hand man. Do you think you could’ve handle it? Let’s find out!

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Are You Guilty of Bad Cell Phone Etiquette?


We’ve all been in that awkward situation. You know, the one where your friend is practicing horrendous cell phone behavior. You blush, scoot over a little, and shoot bystanders apologetic looks, all the while thinking, “How does she NOT realize everyone is staring?”

Unfortunately, poor cell phone etiquette has become this mobile-savvy generation’s epidemic. Could you be infected, too? Here are some telltale signs that you are that cellphone user, and remedies to help you recover!

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What’s the Deal with Unlocked Phones?


Recently, there has been a lot of talk about unlocked phones, thanks to a bill regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the exemption of these devices. But what exactly is an unlocked phone?

“Did you say ‘unlocked’ phone? That sounds sketchy…”

You may be surprised, but unlocked phones can be very practical for certain users! Are you someone who would benefit from one? Read on to find out:

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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Cell Phone


Cell phones are an integral part of our lives, no doubt about it. We use them to keep in touch with friends, navigate while we drive, listen to music, play games, find recipes, and more. They help us with so many things, our phones often feel like an extra limb – a limb that needs to be replaced every two to three years!

But what constitutes a healthy reliance on your cell phone? More importantly, what constitutes a full blown addiction?

Here are our top 10 signs that, yes, you might actually be addicted to your cell phone!

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The 5 Parts of Your Cell Phone Contract You Should Actually Read


The last thing you want to do when you get a new cell phone is spend hours pouring over your carrier’s Terms of Service.

These documents are often several pages long, full of thick, legal vocabulary.

In other words, they’re not very fun!

But while these contracts may be tough to read, they’re chock full of critical information. We believe that the best way to maintain a positive relationship with your carrier is to enter the relationship with a comprehensive understanding of your rights, responsibilities, and the terms of your agreement.

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How to Prevent Texting & Driving


According to TextingandDrivingSafety.com, 23% of auto collisions in 2011, or a total of 1.3 million accidents, involved a cell phone.

Even worse – those numbers have been on the rise ever since.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about these statistics is that texting and driving is so easily avoidable. Slick roads after a heavy rain, deer darting into the street, and other common causes of accidents can’t be controlled.

But texting and driving?

There are plenty of things we can do to get the numbers down. Here are a few of our best tips:

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What is a SIM Card?


If you own a cell phone, or have been thinking about buying one, you’ve probably heard of SIM cards. Unfortunately, they tend to come up in conversation most often when they’re not working!

“I can’t make calls – my phone doesn’t have a SIM card.”
“I lost all of my contacts when my SIM card broke.”

These kinds of ominous statements might leave you wondering… what is a SIM card? And do I need one?

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Deal of the Week: HTC One X


Capture every moment with a camera that starts-up in less than a second, and has rapid-fire continuous shooting.

Capture every moment with a camera that starts-up in less than a second, and has rapid-fire continuous shooting.

For many of our Pure TalkUSA customers, a simple “no frills” feature phone is all that they want and need. But others prefer to have lightning-fast web browsing, extraordinary picture quality and the power of a quad-core processor.

Those customers (and future customers like them), will want to check out the HTC One X. With a minimalist design, it features smoothly rounded piano-gloss sidewalls, a curved back (so it’s easy to hold), and a unified shell for increased durability. This smartphone’s camera alone puts it in the top-tier of technologically advanced phones for its ability to capture crisp, vivid photos, even in low light.


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What costly mistake did Tim Tebow make in his #nocontract Super Bowl ad?


If you watched this year’s much-hyped Super Bowl commercials, you probably saw that the ever popular Tim Tebow, former quarterback for the New York Jets and Denver Broncos, has joined the #nocontract cell phone revolution and was even tapped to do an ad for T-Mobile.

We guess that with all of the extra time he had this past season, it only made sense that he took the time to evaluate his finances and see where he can save some money — and going #nocontract for your cell phone service is certainly one way to do that. To him we say, “Good for you, Tim! Getting rid of your cell phone plan contract is definitely the way to go!”


But we think Mr. Tebow may have “messed up” and made a costly mistake. Not in his commercial performance (which was great, by the way) — but with the company he chose to go with.

If in between saving puppies and starting a rock band, he did just a little bit more research, he probably would have found that Pure TalkUSA would have saved him even more money! (See the comparison chart.) Continue reading