Talkatone App: Talk and Text for Free Over WiFi (Android & iOS)

talkatone-logoLooking for an app that can truly save you money? This is it. Talkatone lets you call and text over WiFi or Data (3G/4G), without requiring cell minutes. The app’s functionality is built on top of Google Voice, which is also a free app that you must install onto your phone before using Talkatone. Then you save money by buying a cell plan with fewer cell minutes and stop paying for text messages.

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  1. Ron Blackstock says:

    This sounds great. However, will it work with an android tablet such as the Motorola Xoom? I would think that if it works with the apple ipod, it should also be available for an android tablet? Please comment on this if possible.

    • Hey Ron…the app should work fine with your Android tablet. You’ll need to set up a Google Voice number though. If you currently have a cell phone, you can use your cell phone number as your Google Voice number. Just set up a Google account and follow the instructions to load Google Voice. Hope this helps!

      • Ron Blackstock says:

        I appreciate the reply. However, I got it to all work but how do you turn the app off when you do not wish to use it. It runs constantly and eats up the battery on the tablet. Thanks for any help with this.
        Ron B

  2. Ron Blackstock says:

    How are what number does google call to get you to answer. I have downloaded this app and I entered my home phone number and when I go to use it, it say it can not call at this time.

  3. Ron Blackstock says:

    Also, how do you turn the app off?

  4. Ron
    1) From my experience, Talkatone does not eat up your battery, but I could be wrong. To make the best use of this application, it needs to be ON all the time. That way you can make AND more importantly RECEIVE calls. But if you want to Close the app, when you are inside Talkatone, click the 3 dots at the bottom (settings), and choose SIGN OUT.
    2) I, like you have a Motorola Xoom, and it works perfectly on it for making/receiving calls/text in wifi AND 4g (I cant wait until my cell phone contract is up and goodbye to $150/month bill)
    3) You need to first setup a Google Voice account. THAT becomes your new number. Then you need to go into it on a PC. When you are in Gmail, look up and click MORE then choose EVEN MORE. Then find the VOICE app and click it.
    4) Click on the wheel on the upper right of the VOICE window and click SETTINGS
    5) Go to the PHONES tab. Make sure that under “Forward Calls to:” you have a check next to GOOGLE CHAT (NOT A Mobile number or any other number you have on your account) Otherwise, receiving calls on the Xoom will not work.
    6) Look at the other Tabs and see what other options you want adjust (like voicemails, texts, missing calls, greetings, etc…)
    7) Now go to your XOOM and install Talkatone. When you open the application, it will ask you if you want to add your Google Voice account, say YES.
    8) You’re done.

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