DIY Cell Phone Repair: 3 Fixes You Can Do at Home


Cell Phone with stethoscope on top

Cell phones are wonderful devices… until they break. Not only is a banged up mobile phone inconvenient, but it can also be quite costly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the repairs on your own?

Sometimes, you can!

While a cracked cell phone or iPhone screen may be outside of your expertise, there are a few common phone disasters that have simple DIY repairs you can do at home. So the next time you need a quick phone fix, check out our list of tips and tricks before you run to the nearest repair shop.

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Tips & Tricks for Using Your Cell Phone in Emergencies


picture of smartphone with 911 on screen and text: How to Use your Cell Phone in Emergencies

There’s no doubt that we’re a wireless society now. As landlines become less and less prominent in our lives, our communication habits have changed… and that goes for emergency communications, too.

According to the FCC, approximately 70% of 911 calls are placed by wireless phones. This shift has created unique challenges and guidelines for using your cell phone in an emergency situation: like what to do if you don’t have service, how to make sure your location is known, and what to do if the call ends.

Despite these challenges, cell phones can be great tools in emergencies—whether it’s a car accident, robbery, or you’re just plain stranded. In fact, cell phones are often recommended in survival kits. So, here are some tips and tricks to remember for emergency cell phone use:

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If My Phone Is Dead, Can I…?


Charging iPhone with question "What Can You Do on a Dead Phone?"

When it comes to your cell phone, nothing causes frantic heart palpitations like a dead battery—especially if you’re in the middle of using it. You may find yourself wondering, “What happens to my texts?” or “Can I still get my voicemails?”

There are a lot of questions out there about what you can and can’t do when your cell phone dies. So today, we want to break it down for you. The next time your cell phone is dead, you’ll know just what you can do!

Here’s what you need to know:

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8 Mobile Apps Parents Should Know About


A group of friends chatting with their smartphones in the street

Parents, have you noticed your kids are always glued to their cell phones? Of course you have, they’re kids! But what exactly are they up to? Chances are, they’re not texting all day.

In today’s world, we use our phones for pretty much everything, but entertainment is definitely a main facet of phone use for kids and adults. Do you ever wonder what apps your kids are using? You’re about to find out!

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Landlines, Flip Phones, Smartphones—What’s Next?


Picture of buildings coming out of a cell phone, showing the future of cell phone technology.

When we look at how far cell phones have come, it’s really quite amazing, isn’t it? From landlines, to the first bulky mobile devices, to the smartphones we now use as lifelines, our devices have kept up with the continuously changing lifestyles of humankind.

Today, our phones can do amazing things. They can talk to us, play music, find restaurants, give directions, connect us with people millions of miles away, and provide unlimited sources of entertainment—and all in the palm of our hand. But do you ever stop to wonder… what’s next?

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What is a Burner Phone?


Burner Phone in the Trash

If you keep up with us on our blog, you already know that we hear some funny things about pay as you go devices. Recently, we’ve noticed there’s some confusion regarding prepaid and burner phones. In fact, there’s so much confusion that burner phones are sometimes defined as just another term for a prepaid device.

So, are they the same?


Don’t worry… we’re here to set the record straight.

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