8 Mobile Apps Parents Should Know About


A group of friends chatting with their smartphones in the street

Parents, have you noticed your kids are always glued to their cell phones? Of course you have, they’re kids! But what exactly are they up to? Chances are, they’re not texting all day.

In today’s world, we use our phones for pretty much everything, but entertainment is definitely a main facet of phone use for kids and adults. Do you ever wonder what apps your kids are using? You’re about to find out!

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Landlines, Flip Phones, Smartphones—What’s Next?


Picture of buildings coming out of a cell phone, showing the future of cell phone technology.

When we look at how far cell phones have come, it’s really quite amazing, isn’t it? From landlines, to the first bulky mobile devices, to the smartphones we now use as lifelines, our devices have kept up with the continuously changing lifestyles of humankind.

Today, our phones can do amazing things. They can talk to us, play music, find restaurants, give directions, connect us with people millions of miles away, and provide unlimited sources of entertainment—and all in the palm of our hand. But do you ever stop to wonder… what’s next?

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What is a Burner Phone?


Burner Phone in the Trash

If you keep up with us on our blog, you already know that we hear some funny things about pay as you go devices. Recently, we’ve noticed there’s some confusion regarding prepaid and burner phones. In fact, there’s so much confusion that burner phones are sometimes defined as just another term for a prepaid device.

So, are they the same?


Don’t worry… we’re here to set the record straight.

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6 Reasons Not to Hack Your Significant Other’s Phone


Girlfriend spying on boyfriend's phone

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: Holly snooped through her boyfriend’s phone and found something she didn’t like. She’s been obsessing over if for days, wondering whether that LOL was really just a friendly laugh. “Does it look suggestive to you? Do you think he’s really at the gym now? Or is he with that girl from work that he said LOL to?”

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What to Look for in Cell Phones for Kids & Teens


Kids & Teens on a cell phone

Is your child begging you for a cell phone? Is your teenager is telling you it’s time for an upgrade?

Whether you have a youngster, tween, or teen, chances are you’ve gotten the phone-talk before. Letting your child have a mobile device can be daunting—how do you know if they’re using it correctly? Who are they calling? Are they running up the phone bill?

Thankfully, several phones have features that answer all of these questions—and more! So whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly phone or a device for you teenager, there’s something out there for you.

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What to Look for in Cell Phones for Seniors


Senior Using a Phone and looking at postcard

When we think of cell phones, we probably picture our teenagers texting away for hours on their smartphones. But what about when the kids call Grandma? Chances are, she’s not using a landline anymore! According to PewResearch, 77% of older adults now have mobile phones.

Is it time for your senior relative to make the switch? If so, it’s important to know what to look for in choosing their mobile phone.

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The Top Three Misconceptions About Pay As You Go Phones


Man on a pay as you go phone

You might have noticed that at Pure TalkUSA, we’re fans of paying as you go. We love anything that makes our lives easier, and pay as you go phones certainly fit that description.

With a prepaid phone, we don’t have to worry about contracts with hidden fees, long-term commitments, or paying for service we don’t need or use. Instead, we get to tailor our plans to our preferences.

It’s this flexibility—this stress-free mobile phone experience—that makes no-contract cell phones so great. It’s also what makes us proud to offer our service to you.

However, working in this industry, we tend to hear a few peculiar notions regarding no-contract phones. So we’re here to set the record straight. Without further ado, here are the top three misconceptions about pay as you go phones:

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The Truth About Cell Phones on Airplanes


Cell Phone on Airplane

Ah, the holidays. Feasts, merriment, and uninterrupted family time. With all of that celebration, it’s no wonder that the holidays are some of the busiest travel periods of the entire year!

Are you gearing up to visit the family? You probably know all about navigating around holiday traffic, what snacks to pack for the kids, and even the fastest way to get through the airport. But what about when you’re finally on the flight? When you can sit back, relax, and enjoy? Do you automatically reach for your cell phone?

Not so fast.

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